Available Funding

Early years funding:

With Wyld Thyngz, you may be eligible for Early Years Funding. This is funding provided by the government to help pay for your child’s early years education. Your child is entitled to Early Years funding the term after their 3rd birthday and ends on the term after their 5th birthday when they become Compulsory School Age. For example, if your child turns 3 in November, they will be entitled to Early Years funding from the Spring Term onwards (see our 2020-2021 termdates here).

If eligible, your child will be entitled to 15 funded hours at Wyld Thyngz per week for 38 weeks of the year.

In order to claim Early Years funding, please fill in the form and send it to wyldthyngz.cornwall@gmail.com or contact us and we will provide a paper copy for you. We will need to see a copy of your child’s birth certificate to confirm the funding.

To read more about Early Years Funding, click here.

Early Years Pupil Premium:

If your child is 3-4 years old, they may be eligible for Early Years Pupil Premium. This increases the money the government provides us with per hour your child spends at Wyld Thyngz meaning we have additional funds which may be used to provide your child with new equipment and resources or training for forest school leaders.

Click here to see if you are eligible for the Early Years Pupil Premium.

Childcare Vouchers:

Wyld Thyngz is signed up for the following childcare voucher schemes: Eden Red and Sodexo.

Tax-Free Childcare Scheme:

Wyld Thyngz is registered with the government's Tax-Free Childcare Scheme in which, if you are eligible, you could get up to £2,000 a year to cover childcare costs. Click here to check your eligibility.

Additional Charges:

As per government guidelines, from September 2020 we will be asking parents of funded children (3 and 4 year olds) to contribute to the elements of the service we provide which goes beyond basic pre-school care. We have kept this as small as possible and ask for £2.50 per day (50p per hour), subject to annual review. This small fee will allow us to continue to provide high quality outdoor education for our children, enabling us to maintain high adult to child ratios, provide qualified forest school practitioners/early years teachers and specialist equipment.

Wyld Thyngz will provide an invoice for the charges every half term.